Moon Path Circle, Inc., -- May 30, 2014
Educational Scholarship Committee:
Chaired by Ash the Silent. Co-Chaired by dragnfli.and SkyeFre.
Send Required Information to Valan at

Only complete applications will be processed.
We will gather all of the info and if necessary have a meeting with you before a sabbat at the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale.

Scholarship: Five $500 scholarships to Pagan Students who have enrolled in a College or University and need the money to continue their education.

(College or University is defined to be: Any Educational Institution of Post High School Level that Issues a 'Degree' or 'Certificate'.)

1) Money to be paid directly to the College or University;
     (to ensure that it does go toward the intended Scholarship.)
2) No family member of a Scholarship Committee member will be eligible.
3) Must demonstrate a Financial Need to continue their education.
4) Must demonstrate an Academic Ability to continue their education.
5) Must demonstrate that they are a member of the Pagan Community.

Use the following as an Application to fill in the Required Information:

1) Name and Address of Student.

2) Name of College or University where enrolled.  (Also name of Financial Advisor, if available.)

3) Proof of financial need.  (A brief description of why you need this Scholarship, as well as expenses of education and income.)

4) Academic History from previous years.  (A transcript showing a grade of 'C' or better.)

5) Name of Pagan Groups or People that the student is involved with.  (Personal references from Pagan Community Leaders including contact info.)  



Note: Additional sheets with information may be submitted.

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