Ministries of MoonPath Circle
An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will

We have been known to hold worship events on sabbats, full moons, new moons, and other occasions that we deem appropriate. These might include rites of passage for people we know, such as a child blessing, handfasting, handparting, healing, miscarriage, initiation, house blessing, croning, requiem, or other transitions. See more about Rituals, Dedications, Pagan Weddings, and Sample Handfasting Ceremonies.

We have been known to provide education for members and others in the ways of the Goddess and the God. Our people present at the MoonPath CUUPS Study Group.

We have a website of educational and resource material and a printed flyer.

We have been known to use graphic arts to further worship, teaching and education.

We have been known to perform acts of charity using money, materials and service.

We have a Code of Ethics.

We have been known to ordain members to the holy order of clergy for the purposes of performing legal ceremonies and ministering to the outside community.

Remember that when entering the Craft, the best protection is a sense of humor.

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