Clergy of MoonPath Circle
And Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will

Clergy and Elders in Good Standing have joined through our Rite of Ordination and are listed below.
Credentials are renewed each Beltaine (May).

Clergy: Governing Council

Wyver (First Officer) is a second generation Rellian, a discordant and dysfunctional family tradition. He has been active in the Craft for 20+ year, moving in and out of leadership roles as sanity permits, with such groups as Silver CUUPS of Holly and Moonpath CUUPS. He has been known to put in an appearance at Florida Pagan Gathering.

SkyeFire (Second Officer) is a Hindu Fairy raised Hindu to honor the old ways. However, during her journey on her path, she has discovered the "Faery". Now that path leads towards reclaiming her Hindu roots and also discovering the hidden Faery within through the Third Road Faery path.  All is to deepen her divine path, gain wisdom and practical working through Celtic Shamanism. She is also teaching Ancient Feminine Wisdom to women during their Moon Cycle.

Spelcastor (Purse Warden) has been spiraling into the Craft since 1990. His Goddess is Celtic and so is he. He  has been welcomed as an Elder into the Covenant of the Goddess. He facilitated the Study Group at MoonPath CUUPS for 19 years and retired in 2014. He is part bard and more shoman than shaman, leads the occasional Ritual, and keeps peace among many on differing paths. There's more at

dragnfli DECORIUS ilfngard (Scribe), a Faery shaman and ordained Priestess of the Goddess, works with a number of spiritual groups in the SE Florida area including the Sisterhood of the Temple of Ahel Adom, Luna Road Faerie Troope, MoonPath Chapter of CUUPS, and the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale. Her passions are for earth-centered environmental activism/service work, connecting with and helping women, teaching teens, building community, gardening, and creating art of all sorts. She sees everything as sacred and so incorporates the magikal into the mundane, and vice versa, as much as possible – for there is no real separation of anything in this universe.

Ash the Silent (Seannachie) is a hereditary Pagan and follows a Druid's path. She is an ordained minister and is often found at MoonPath CUUPS study groups and as High Priestess for open CUUPS rituals. She is a also a Broward County Approved Pre-Marital Counselor. She is a High Priestess Emeritus in the Sisterhood of the Ahel Adom,  a women's group devoted to the resurgence of the Great Goddess.  She has two apprentice sorceresses who share her enthusiasm for the Occult studies. Her gift is Runecraft.


Elders in Communion: linked by affection, association, and loyalty

SophiaLinus is an All American Solitary Witch, or, as some might say, 'eclectic.' Since the early 90's she has developed her own spiritual path self-dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. Later she organized her public dedication ritual in November, 1999 and pilgrimaged to Egypt in 2017. Although a solitary, SopiaLinus is a member of the MoonPath Chapter of CUUPS (, for many years the Local Coordinator for the Pagan Pride Project (, and still an ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church ( and has been performing legal Handfastings. There's more about SophiaLinus at (

RedOrchard is an eclectic Pagan, artist, and storyteller…and also occasionally a faerie, a pirate, a tree, or a small wild animal. She is a member of the Luna Road Faerie Troup and honors the Faerie tradition and the Muse. Her wish is to learn to know the Goddess and God by sharing Their faces, colors, and stories, and to receive in return yet more stories to be shared.

Bandora has been walking the Pagan path for many lifetimes. In this incarnation she is a Wiccan Elder High Priestess and ordained interfaith Pagan minister through the Universal Life Church. As an eclectic witch she also works on the path of Self Ascension and Faery Seership and holds an honorary doctorate degree in Metaphysics and Divinity while currently working on a degree in Parapsychology. She’s the Founder/Gatekeeper of the Circle of the Golden Moon, a closed study group in Miami, FL and offers a variety of spiritual services to the community. You can learn more at

FoxyOwl has been honoring the Craft in some form since she was a wee child building altars to Faeries in the woods, something she did not learn from her Irish Catholic upbringing. She is now on a Celtic Wiccan path, and also enjoys reading and studying All Things Pagan and hanging around MoonPath CUUPS. She is also a recovering alcoholic and drug addict since December 13, 1994, and has combined her love of Recovery and All Things Pagan by starting and moderating a Pagan 12-step group, Elements of Recovery, which met at the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale in 2005.

DarkMoon, an eclectic, musical shaman, is drawn to Diana as her goddess and to Native American and Druidic paths. She has previously been ordained by Universal Life Ministries and has performed several handfastings. Her passion is sharing music by encouraging people at drum circles to join in and feel the beat. There is a reason drums have been used in ritual since the beginning of time. DarkMoon is also a Master Level Reiki practitioner, a critical care nurse, a licensed massage therapist and a musician.

Moonday is a Priestess with the Sisterhood of the Temple of Ahel Adom, Elder in Community with MoonPath Circle, and Co-Facilitator of MoonPath CUUP’s. She has been working with the occult since the early 90’s. In 1996 she was certified as a medium through the United Metaphysical Churches and completed her Reiki Master  training in 1997. Her first ordination was received in 1998 by The Unitarian Fellowship of South Florida.

Padre Patrick is known affectionately as the Padre. His aura is that of a Roman Catholic parish priest, with his white hair and warm embracing style. He is reverent towards tradition, and he holds a place in his heart for Briget the Saint and Briget the Goddess.

SilverWillow is an eclectic solitary witch. The Ancient Ones came calling in the late 90's and she began to follow the path home. Her Goddess is the Celtic Anu. She has a love of music and circle drumming has become a passion. Cats are a large part of her life and she volunteers at the Florida Humane Society helping to care for and find homes for these wonderful animals. Is it any wonder the Goddess Bast has wandered into her life?.

OwlDrum is an eclectic pagan, on the Archetypal Faery Chaotic Green side. A diehard drummer and long time practitioner of Internal Alchemy Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung (QiQong). He has been playing with magical energies most of his life and has been studying the methods of The Healing Tao since the early 90's. And through which has tapped the universal rhythmic and spiritual forces which he applies in various pagan methods for love, healing, and community. OwlDrum participates in facilitating The Tequesta Drum Circle and has a strong sense of community. He co-hosts a long running Pagan Drum Picnic in Snyder Park, regularly attends MoonPath CUUPS and shares the healing powers of the drum with seniors in assisted living.

FritterMan: drawn to fire, educating the young, and more fire.

Donovan O'Clare. Like most of my fellow clergy I am an eclectic solitary. I am deeply drawn to the Celtic and Nordic traditions and have a great interest in the Fey. I'm currently a student of the Tarot and plan to undertake the study of Runecraft. Aside from being a "Sister of the Cloth" {suffer not all ye pagans who come onto me} I am just your average gothic / piratical / mead-wenching / book-loving / goddess in training.

MoonDragon: is a guardian of our feathered and furry friends. He is most closely aligned with the Owl, Dog, and Wolf.

Big Daddy: what can we say? That's how we feel about him.

Barlowe: is a specialist in herbs, potions, and tinctures.

Iasis Kalliope: has been a student and educator of Paganism for over 20 years. She is the co-founder of the Pee Wee Pagans a spiritual and educational group, which is dedicated to inspire and ignite the next generation of pagans who feel the call of the God and Goddess. Iasis is also on the Governing Body of the Sisterhood of Ahel Adom, and is a High Priestess and ordained clergy on the Pagan path. She is a Reiki Master. Iasis Kalliope is a devote to the Goddess Kuan Yin and has led talks about Her and other subjects at local new age stores. “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it." — Margaret Fuller

Lady Nighshade: is fierce protector of innocent and defenseless beings and enchanting to all who seeks balance and harmony, follows the eclectic shaman path. She is drawn to the Celtic Shamanism. She practices life coaching through soul whispering, utilizing the four elements, shadow work, music, and candle meditation. She is deeply drawn to the Egyptian and Celtic pantheon. She is a devotee of Hecate. From time to time you can also find her sharing her path with the Morrigan, Sekmet, Bast, and Anubis. She is an ordained minister through Universal Life Church. She is also a member of MoonPath CUUPS. She has passion for music, books, and gothic themes.

El Rhondda Ystradyfodwg:  

Otsana Azura:  

Azul Luna:  

Link:  People often ask me why I chose the name Link. One important lesson for me this time around is to understand how all things "interconnect" -- like noodles in the same cosmic broth. I began learning about alternative spirituality in the mid-1970's, but did not really become active in the Craft until 1993, what I call reaching "Spiritual Puberty."  I am an active member of the Covenant of the Goddess (CoG), the US National Coordinator for the Pagan Federation International, and a member of the Gardnerian tradition.

Valkyrie Algiz:  

Alba Luna: Alba Luna is a crone on a Strega path, a practitioner of Fiber Magick, in her element (air) when helping others to find magic in the mundane. 

The Drum Guy:  He really is a drummer.


Witch Way to Heal: Hangs out at the Love and Light Spiritual Emporium.

Shining Spirits: a Wiccan for over 25 years, has led and co-led rituals and pagan workshops at SUUSI and SWIM. Moving from Florida to Asheville, North Carolina, she was instrumental in starting a CUUPS chapter at the UU Congregation of Asheville. There she also leads religious education classes and programs to grow awareness and understanding of Paganism.

Diana Moonlight: She dances on the sound of drums and walks with the faeries. Her Goddess is Artemis and her path is the perpetual hunt for Light and Beauty in all. She is a sister in the Sisterhood of the Temple of Ahel Adom.

Birch the Tree: Birch Von Baum has been practitioner of Earth-based magicks drawn from the Norse and Celtic traditions for over fifteen years. She is also a published poet and a pagan writer whose works have been performed at Moonpath CUUPs festivals. In her spare time, she loves communing with trees, wolves, and nature, reading about magickal history, and teaching her fellow pagans about her discoveries.

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